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Our customers are saying…

Great job

Brad solves problems and designs neat and attractive solutions. His prices are good and he is punctual and pleasant.

Mr Clark

I am very happy to recommend Brad

I first met Brad after a company had looked at our failing central heating system and concluded after 20 minutes of poking around that we needed a complete replacement, costing nearly £3,000, as the only solution.

Brad was recommended by a friend in Tring, and arrived within 24 hours. He didn’t jump to any conclusions about our system, but took his time to properly understand it, following the pipes all round the house, and explaining in simple English how it worked.  He narrowed the problem down to a setting on the pump, adjusted it, and then took great care, by turning all our 20 radiators off and on, and checking flow, etc, to make sure that this really was the answer to the problem (it’s 3 years ago now, and it’s still working fine).

His bill for over an hour’s really thoughtful, careful work came to £50+VAT, which I was amazed by, given the speed of his response and the thoroughness of his approach. Since then we have called him out on several occasions and he has always been prompt, very courteous, and solved the problem fast and at very reasonable cost. Now I’ve got to know him, it’s clear that Brad has an engineering mind: he takes the time to understand each situation properly, assess the alternatives and choices, and come up with an intelligent, cost effective solution.

Tring, Hertfordshire

I can whole-heartedly recommend Brad

He located the fault on my boiler flue, found the required spare part and installed it.
I had previously had visits from two other Gas engineers who said that they were unable to deal with the problem, as they were unable to find the spare parts.

All this was dealt with cleanly and efficiently, and with the minimum amount of disruption to my home.
My boiler system now works perfectly and at a cost far lower than I had previously been quoted, as there was then no need to replace the boiler itself.

Ruth Bernstein
London, N3